Coaching & Consulting

Although my main means for weaving the White Wynd is teaching workshops and facilitating transformational group experiences, there's many other ways in which I help individuals, communities and organizations find the pieces they've been missing so they can reach their highest potential.

The rates for all of these services are listed as a sliding scale in order to adapt to multiple paying abilities - and, if you can contribute more, you can "pay it forward" and enrich the White Wynd Scholarship Fund.

Financial challenges and inequality shouldn't be a barrier for you to get the support you deserve, so if money is tight right now but you have an abundance of time and skills, then don't be shy, get in touch anyways with some exchange proposals so we can find a way to have a mutually satisfying trade.

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

If you dream of physical and spiritual health, nourishing relationships, a fulfilling life, sustainable projects and a deep connection to Nature, my personal coaching and healing skills will empower you thoroughly.

Call fees:

  • $35 ~ $65 for 30 minutes*
  • $65 ~ $125 for 1 hour

* Your first 30-minute assessment call is free

Project Consulting

If you have a farm or community project, I can visit your site and provide you with the observation, advice, training, design and physical work you need to reach the next level of success.

Consulting fees:

  • $250 ~ $550 for a day (8 working hours)
  • $950 ~ $1950 for a week (5 working days)

Plus transportation - I'm willing to travel in order to provice these services, but transportation and accommodation need to be provided by the client in addition to the consulting fee.

Online Training Experiences

If you want to be part of co-creating the WhiteWynd, and love the idea of sharing these transformational adventures with your family, friends, organizations and communities, then you don't have to wait for me to travel to your area - technology can help us connect accross space and time for a truly powerful experience.

Each is uniquely crafted, just for your group, and designed to empower you in exactly the way you need.

They are recorded so you can experience them again and again, and include multimedia resources and reference materials for deeper explorations in your own time.

Long-term support is necessary to integrate new ways of being, so I'll be there for you as you take each step.

Training fees:

  • $170 ~ $340 for a 30-minute experience
  • $340 ~ $680 for a 90-minute experience

Follow up:

  • Simple email exchanges are included at no extra charge.
  • For complex follow-up conversations, you will have a 30% discount on the 1-on-1 call rates listed above.