Permaculture à la carte

A series of introductory workshops about Permaculture and various traditional skills, paired with healthy and delicious meals for a well-rounded exploration of ancient ways and new visions.

All meals are homemade, Gluten Free and flexi-paleo, mostly made with organic and local ingredients, designed following the principles of Nourishing Traditions and The Perfect Health Diet. Vegetarian options are also available.

Saturday, October 26th

10am to 1pm: Social Permaculture Design

1pm to 2pm: Moroccan lunch

  • Chicken and Vegetable Tagine, Hummus

3pm to 6pm: Fermenting the Fall Harvest

6pm to 7pm: Polish dinner

  • Goulash, Fermented Oat Pancakes + Maamoul

Sunday, October 27th

10am to 1pm: An Exploration of ReWilding

1pm to 2pm: French lunch

  • Pot-au-feu, Herb Tartiflette

3pm to 6pm: Crafting Herbal Medicines

6pm to 7pm: Cuban dinner

  • Arroz Congris, Pollo en Salsa + Crumble aux pommes et chocolat

About the instructor

Jose Lorenzo

Jose has been teaching Permaculture and food science for 8 years.

He co-founded the international Integral Permaculture Academy, and is specially passionate about teaching ReWilding and ecosystem regeneration in an integral way - applying the principles from those fields to re-design anything, from your community’s interpersonal dynamics to getting the resources you need in a way that also nourishes your whole landbase.

He also has been cooking from childhood, and loves crafting healthy and delicious dishes for other people. He served for years as the community chef and health coach in the 8thLife EcoVillage Project in the Canary Islands.

Logistics & Registration

Venue: Jean's Farm in SE Portland near Sellwood

· Please read this link for site address and parking instructions (there is no onsite parking)

Contribution: Pay what you can

Suggested donations for adults:

  • $35 - 70 per worshop
  • $30 - 60 per meal

Children very welcome!


To register, send an email with your names and which workshops and meals you're coming to*, and also let us know if you have any special food needs or allergies.

* Feel free to pick and choose from the menu of workshops and meals what you want to join us for. You're welcome to come just for the workshops, or just for the meals - it's best to do both, but we understand that some folks don't have a lot of spare time or money, so we're happy to adapt to whatever works for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call (503) 673-9989 and we'll be happy to talk about it.

Organized by the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children -