White Wynd - the winding path to a future that includes all

Does your heart ache from the injustice and environmental destruction around us?

Do you dream of a future world that the next generations would be proud to inherit?

Do you long for a path forward that takes into account all aspects of reality?

Then let's muster our courage and create that path by walking it together!

Who I am

Jose Lorenzo

I was born in Cuba to an extended family of proud revolutionaries and farmers and then moved to the Canary Islands where I studied IT Systems Engineering and Permaculture. In 2011 I started teaching with the Integral Permaculture Academy and co-creating the 8thLife EcoVillage Project while collaborating with various other radical activist and grassroots organizations - all of which helped me cultivate a wide range of skills (see below).

And yet, I kept being part of ineffective activism and dysfunctional communities, so I set out on a quest to find the missing pieces that co-creating a truly sustainable culture required - and thus began my rigorous study of Contemporary Shamanism with the help of the Last Mask Community.

By integrating all of this, in 2018 I started teaching Permaculture with my own unique and authentic twist and set up this website to offer my skills more widely and connect with folks interested in supporting each other as we co-create this new path forward.

Why "White Wynd"

  • I asked for inspiration for this website and received this name, which is a good symbol for who I am and what I do - serving as a bridge to connect many different aspects of reality in order to birth the new possibilities that can pave the way to a better future for all life.
  • Wynd means "to take a turn", and is a name for narrow paths that lead off the main road and into a different one - so it looks like we, as the great human family, need wynds to help us get to new roads, as we take a sharp turn away from the mainstream.
  • Even though the word "White" has been badly misused and is now triggering for some of us, its true meaning is being the light that is formed only through the balanced union of all colors - which seems like a great alternative to the wars between colors that surround us right now (the clashing colors of our politics, of our bodies, of the ways we choose to love, etc.).

Upcoming workshops

Tenerife, Canary Islands - January 8th to 24th, 2020

What other workshops would you like?

Have a look at the menu of things I can offer below and let me know which of those you're interested in - whethere it's just one, a blend of some or all of them together - and I'll be happy to organize workshops on that topic anywhere.

You can email me at jose@whitewynd.com

Other things I can offer

Structure Building

Permaculture Design

Facilitation & Mediation

Traditional Foods

ReWilding Ourselves

Health Sovereignty

Emotional Clearing

Life & Project Coaching

Shamanic Journeying

Where I'm going next

Portland, Oregon

Los Angeles, California

Canary Islands

Tucson, Arizona

Where you are

I'm happy to help with whatever is needed in other parts of the world, so if you'd like to have these courses and workshops take place where you live, get in touch!


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> You can email me at jose@whitewynd.com